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New in Oct

Witch-King Battle

79015 Witch-King Battle

Price: S$29.90

New in Oct

Attack on Lake-town

79016 Attack on Lake-town

Price: S$74.90

New in Oct

The Battle of the Five Armies

79017 The Battle of the Five Armies

Price: S$129.90

New in Oct

The Lonely Mountain

79018 The Lonely Mountain

Price: S$239.90

More arriving beginning Oct

Star Wars Advent Calendar

75056 Star Wars Advent Calendar

Price: S$45.90

List Price: S$54.90

New for Sep


75059 Sandcrawler

Price: S$449.90

List Price: S$549.90

New for Sep

Friends Advent Calendar

41040 Friends Advent Calendar

Price: S$34.90

List Price: S$49.90

New for Sep

City Advent Calendar

60063 City Advent Calendar

Price: S$34.90

List Price: S$49.90




Price: S$45.00



5002122 TC-4 POLYBAG

Price: S$40.00

New in Sep

Halloween Set 2014

6077619 Halloween Set 2014

Price: S$14.90

Members Special

LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide Bundle

93557241 LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide Bundle

Price: S$104.75

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