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What's Trending | An Impressive LEGO Recreation of Hokusai's Great Wave by Jumpei Mitsui


An Impressive LEGO Recreation of Hokusai's Great Wave 

by Jumpei Mitsui


In the world of LEGO art, few creations stand out as boldly as the recreation of Katsushika Hokusai's iconic woodblock print, "Under the Wave Off Kanagawa" (commonly known as The Great Wave). This impressive feat was accomplished by none other than LEGO certified professional Jumpei Mitsui, adding a modern and playful twist to an age-old masterpiece.

Before delving into Mitsui's LEGO rendition, it's essential to appreciate the timeless influence of Hokusai himself. The original Great Wave, crafted in 1831, became a symbol of Japanese artistry, inspiring countless artists across the globe. Its enduring legacy is evident in various forms, from book covers to coffee mugs, and even a LEGO set.

LEGO Art Design Manager Fiorella Groves shed light on the challenges faced in recreating The Great Wave. Over time, the original vibrant colors of Hokusai's masterpiece had faded. To overcome this, LEGO designers collaborated with the British Museum, where a reimagined version with the original colors was created, becoming the blueprint for LEGO set Hokusai – The Great Wave (31208).

In the expansive realm of Hokusai-inspired artworks, Jumpei Mitsui's LEGO recreation stands out as a testament to creativity and precision. Displayed as part of the exhibition "Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence," Mitsui's masterpiece captures the essence of the Great Wave in a medium that brings joy to both young and old. 

The timelapse video showcasing Mitsui's building process is a mesmerizing journey through the meticulous placement of LEGO bricks, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic representation of the iconic wave. Mitsui's attention to detail and his ability to translate the essence of Hokusai's masterpiece into the LEGO medium is truly commendable.

Jumpei Mitsui's LEGO creation, displayed alongside other interpretations of The Great Wave in the exhibition, underscores the enduring influence of Hokusai's work. From traditional woodblock prints to contemporary LEGO art, the impact of The Great Wave transcends centuries, inspiring artists across different mediums.

As Mitsui's LEGO masterpiece continues to make waves across the art world, it serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and the ability to breathe new life into timeless classics. LEGO enthusiasts, art aficionados, and Hokusai admirers alike can appreciate the fusion of tradition and modernity in Mitsui's captivating recreation of The Great Wave.

Explore the LEGO® Art Hokusai – The Great Wave (31208) and embark on a creative journey that merges the elegance of traditional art with the playful versatility of LEGO bricks.

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