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What's Trending | Introducing the LEGO® IDEAS Red London Telephone Box (21347)


Introducing the LEGO® Ideas Red London Telephone Box (21347) 


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this iconic recreation, inspired by the timeless British cultural icon – the Red London Telephone Box. Originally conceptualized and submitted by the talented British fan designer, John Cramp, aka Bricked1980, this set captures the essence of London's streets in a display-worthy LEGO rendition.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the set features 1460 LEGO elements, including an opening door that reveals a beautifully detailed interior. What's more, a light brick embedded in the roof allows you to illuminate the K2 Telephone Box by simply pushing down the top. Alongside the telephone box, you'll find a charming lamppost adorned with flowerpots, set against a backdrop of a cobbled street, invoking a sense of nostalgia and a deep connection to a city steeped in history.

"The K2 red phone box is seen as a British cultural icon throughout the world, and we’re delighted that the LEGO Group are celebrating the 100th anniversary of its design with this model. Fast forward to today and whilst communications have rapidly evolved, the iconic K2 continues to play a part in communities through BT’s Adopt a Kiosk scheme. As we continue to build the next generation of communication networks, we’re proud that more than 7,200 phone boxes have already been adopted across the UK, repurposed into mini libraries and life-saving defibrillators, among others," remarked Michael Smy, Head of Street at BT Group.

John, the mastermind behind this remarkable design, shared his inspiration, stating: “For this LEGO Ideas project, I wanted to build something iconic and something I felt would appeal to both LEGO fans and people who are not necessarily big LEGO fans as well. Being born and bred in Great Britain, I’ve always loved the classic red phone boxes which have become British cultural icons and are recognized around the world.”

The LEGO® Ideas Red London Telephone Box (21347) was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of LEGO Model Designer Marina Stampoli and Graphic Designer Claus Madsen, ensuring that every aspect of John's vision was faithfully recreated in LEGO form. 

 Immerse yourself in the world of bricks and British culture with the LEGO® Ideas Red London Telephone Box (21347). Don't miss out – visit HERE to secure yours today!

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