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What's Trending | LEGO 1960s V-Twin Desert Racing MOC by u/LastingAtlas


LEGO 1960s V-Twin Desert Racing MOC

by u/LastingAtlas


In the heart of the LEGO community on Reddit, u/LastingAtlas recently wowed enthusiasts with his latest creation—a moving LEGO masterpiece capturing the spirit of 1960s unsanctioned v-twin desert racing.

u/LastingAtlas's LEGO creation ingeniously incorporates a treadmill-based system, bringing the vintage desert racing scene to life. The moving ground pieces, cleverly built onto a treadmill, cyclically circle around with the help of gears. Notably, the treadmill used in this project is sourced from the set LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Jungle Cutter (7626), showcasing u/LastingAtlas's resourcefulness in utilizing available LEGO parts.

The Reddit community responded with enthusiasm and constructive feedback.

It's so cool! I'm ignorant about this kind of builds, what are the pieces the build is sliding on?

Curiosity sparked when other Reddit user inquired about the sliding mechanism's components. In a helpful response, u/LastingAtlas shared a video of behind the scenes and showcasing the mechanics of his impressive LEGO creation.

u/LastingAtlas's "little LEGO project" has become a captivating testament to creativity and collaboration within the LEGO community. As the community continues to celebrate and contribute, the possibilities for expansion and improvement seem as boundless as the desert itself.

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