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What's Trending | LEGO® Fortnite®: A Creative Digital Adventure for All Ages


LEGO® Fortnite®:
A Creative Digital Adventure for All Ages



Exciting news has emerged in the gaming world as The LEGO Group and Epic Games join forces to create a unique and secure metaverse for families. The result? LEGO Fortnite—an immersive digital adventure designed for players of all ages.

LEGO Fortnite introduces the iconic LEGO minifigures and elements into Epic Games' Fortnite, creating a fusion of beloved LEGO elements and the engaging world of Fortnite. Accessing the game is seamless—simply choose the LEGO Fortnite playlist tile in the Discover menu within the existing Fortnite launcher. But hold on, it's not Battle Royale with minifigures. LEGO Fortnite is an entirely new experience, offering a blend of creativity, survival, and online cooperation for free to existing Fortnite players.

LEGO Fortnite is not just a game; it's a vast creative playground with two distinct world types catering to different playstyles.

  • Survival Worlds: Players become heroes, gathering resources, crafting tools, and fighting enemies to survive. The more they build, the more blueprints they unlock for even grander creations.
  • Sandbox Worlds: It’s like every player has a bottomless box of LEGO bricks and elements, focusing on crafting and self-expression without worrying about enemies. Sky's the limit as players explore the map superhero-style

To embark on the LEGO Fortnite journey, you can either download Fortnite or play Fortnite through cloud gaming. Existing Fortnite players can find LEGO Fortnite within the game. Parental controls, crossplay features, and linking accounts ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Click the image below to find out how to access to LEGO Fortnite:

The collaboration between The LEGO Group and Epic Games holds the promise of extending beyond the digital realm. While there are no concrete details, the potential for physical products to accompany LEGO Fortnite's launch is an exciting prospect.

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