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Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL MOC) Competition 2019


AFOL MOC Competition
Theme: LEGO® Overwatch®

Time to get your brick on and be creative. Your chance to win a LEGO® Overwatch® Omnic Bastion (75987)!

Show Singapore what you can build and get your creation displayed in the Brand Ribbon of a LEGO® Certified Store.

Use your imagination, the sky’s the limit!


How to Participate?

Simply fill up the registration form and attach a clear image of your build at



This competition's theme is LEGO® Overwatch®. If you're looking for inspiration, check out the displays currently at our ION Orchard store.

Please make sure that your build can fit into our LEGO® Brand Ribbon display (53cm L x 30 cm W x 50 cm H)

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2019Shortlisted finalists will be contacted via email.

All the chosen builds will be displayed from 8th to 21st April in LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) retail stores and social media. All voting will be done via Facebook.

The build with the most likes wins and will be announced at the end of the event on 22nd April.

If you have any questions do drop us an email to

Good luck! 
Bricks World Storemaster



  • This event is only open to Members of LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World)
  • The build must be no more than 53 cm (L) x 30 cm (W) x 50cm (H)
  • Builds will be displayed in Brand Ribbons in LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) along with the entrant’s name.
  • Builds must be entrant’s original artwork and not copied from anywhere else
  • Entries can be something that entrants have previously built or displayed elsewhere
  • Entrants must use their own bricks
  • Entrants are responsible for delivering their completed build to LEGO® Certified Store (Bricks World) prior to the display and collecting after the event (we will do our best to display in your store of choice but will be on a first request basis)
  • To participate, entrants must submit via the registration page before the end of the stated submission date
  • Event is open to adults aged 16 years and above residing in Singapore
  • Entrants may submit up to 3 entries each
  • If the entry includes minifigures they must either be LEGO® minifigures from the LEGO® Group or a minifigure designed by the entrant themselves from original LEGO® parts (no customisation is allowed)
  • Entrants will be credited alongside their build during the event
  • The MOC builds will be displayed across all 5 LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World). The store location for display will be decided by LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) Management.
  • The MOC’s and the event will be promoted via the LEGO® Certified Store (Bricks World) Blog and Facebook page as well as in-store
  • Excluded from participation are LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) staff and staff's immediate family members
  • Shortlisted entries displayed in store will be open for public voting on Bricks World's Facebook Page.
  • Votes will be tallied, and final decision will be decided by a LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) panel
  • Collection of Prize will be after the end of the MOC Competition.
  • LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice or recourse