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Mosaic Art Creator | Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is special about Mosaic Art Creator (MAC)?

You can use any photo you wish and because you can use any photo you can create mosaics of yourself, friends, family, pets, tourist attractions, the list goes on. The algorithm behind the Mosaic Art Creator uses sophisticated, advanced facial recognition and proprietary software to detect and enhance the photo prior to rendering which produces more detailed images. Finally, you are not restricted to 1 base plate, you can have more than 1 base plate to give you more choices and better resolution.

2. What sizes of mosaic are available?

The mosaics are based on a baseplate measuring 38cmx38cm. You can currently choose a mosaic with 1x1, 2x1 or 2x2 baseplates.

3. What pictures make the best mosaics?

Pictures with sharp definition and contrast make for better mosaics, we suggest you edit your photo on your phone/Ipad if necessary. MAC will render your photo and then give you 3 different options to choose from in terms of the balance of black, white and grey.

4. Do you do colour mosaics?

At this time we only offer black, dark grey, light grey, and white mosaics.

5. Can I buy just the bricks without creating a mosaic?

The bricks used for MAC are only available with a purchase of a mosaic.

6. Can I buy the instructions only?

When you purchase the mosaic you are buying the whole customised package. We do not offer an instructions only option at this time.

7. Can I buy top up bags?

When you purchase the mosaic you are buying the whole customised package. This includes bags of assorted bricks for you to create your mosaic, each order will include extra bricks to ensure your mosaic can be successfully completed. Therefore, top up bags are not required.

8. Do you sell any other LEGO compatible bricks?

No. We only sell LEGO bricks.

9. Can I purchase online and have it sent to me?

Due to the need for activation codes, at this time the product can only be purchased at our LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World), ION Orchard 04-15.

10. Can I purchase online and have it sent overseas?

Due to the need for activation codes, at this time the product can only be purchased at our LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World), ION Orchard 04-15. Of course, you may ship it overseas yourself if you wish.

11. I have a problem with the app, who do I contact?

We’re sorry you are having problems using the app. Please email us at for support.

12. Can you build the mosaic for me?

No, as we believe part of the fun is building yourselves!

13. Can I get this at all LCS stores in Singapore?

This is currently only available to purchase at our flagship store at LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) ION Orchard, 04-15.

14. How do I mount them to display them?

Once you have built your mosaic art, of course you will want to display it. We do not supply display frames but they can be bought from a variety of retailers depending on your preferences for style and price, we recommend IKEA Ribba frames.

15. I want a mosaic of my whole family, what size do you recommend?

We recommend you play with the app to find the best size that suits your requirements and budget

16. Does this product get a Bricks World member discount?

No this product does not qualify for member discount

17. What bricks does the mosaic use?

The Mosaic Art Creator uses only genuine, new bricks and baseplates.

18. How do I access the instructions?

Once you have decided on your picture you can come to the store, pay to collect the bricks and get an Activation Code that will trigger an email to be sent to your registered email address containing the instructions.

19. How many images can I upload?

There is no limit to the number of images you can upload to your gallery, giving you plenty to choose from for your final mosaic. Unused draft mosaics are automatically deleted after 7 days.

20. Is the preview really free?

Yes you can play around with the app for free. This is because we want you to have the chance to play around with it, select your favourite photos in your own time and be sure about your purchase.

21. What happens to my photos, do you store them on your database?

No we do not. We do not have access to your photos except to render them. Any additional photos are deleted.

22. Can I run the app on more than one device?


23. Is my phone/ipad compatible?

As we are unable to test on all models, we are unsure of how it might look on different devices, especially older devices. We suggest you play around with the app on your different devices.

24. What do I get for $209.90?

For S$209.90 you will get the bricks and instructions you need to build a high quality piece of customised art with bricks on a single baseplate. You will also receive the necessary baseplates as a gift with purchase.