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21133 The Witch Hut

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Launch a surprise attack at The Witch Hut, complete with boat, crafting table, cauldron, brewing stand and jumping slime function. Includes an Alex minifigure, plus a witch and a pig.

You've discovered that an evil witch has spawned in a hut located deep in the Minecraft™ swamp, complete with mushrooms, crafting table and a cauldron. Climb into your boat and row quietly to the hut. When you arrive, use the brewing stand to create powerful potions, then take up position and launch a surprise attack! Defeat the witch and collect the valuable potions, but watch out for the jumping slimes outside The Witch Hut!

Navigate your boat through the Minecraft™ swamp to the witch's hut. Create potions, activate the jumping slime function and defeat the dangerous witch! Enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this easy-to-reconfigure, modular LEGO® Minecraft set—designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes an Alex minifigure, plus a pig and three slimes.

●Includes an Alex minifigure, plus a witch, pig and three slimes.
●Features a swamp area with water trees, vines, lily pads and a witch hut with crafting table, cauldron, mushrooms, plus a brewing stand, potions and a boat with two oars.
●Press the lever to activate the jumping slime function!
●Lift the hinged roof to access the witch's hut.
●Easy-to-reconfigure modular design with three alternative model configurations.
●Set your imagination free—rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations!
●This set includes over 500 pieces and offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 8+.
●Measures over 4” (12cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep.

Item Id:
Packaging Height:70
Packaging Width:262
Packaging Length:382

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