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21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
21262 The Windmill Farm
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21262 The Windmill Farm

A functional LEGO® Minecraft® Windmill Farm with figures
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This LEGO® Minecraft® windmill set with farm animal toys gives Minecraft players lots of hands-on action and adventure from their favourite video game.

Join the Miller at the big red windmill, where the turning stone grinds wheat into flour. Time to eat! Mix eggs, milk and sugar with the ground wheat to bake bread and cake. Outside, a Shepherd Villager shears the yellow and orange sheep. Use the loom to turn the wool into clothes (but save some wool to add colour to the tree). Grow more sugar and wheat at the farm – but watch out for the zombie!

Fans of video-game toys, Minecraft® zombie action and farm animal toys will find all this and more in The Windmill Farm (21262). If you're looking for the best Minecraft toy for kids aged 8+, this farm-themed Minecraft gift is packed with LEGO® Minecraft models and Minecraft characters. This building toy for kids features a functional LEGO windmill, operated by turning a wheel at the rear. As the mill’s sails rotate, the millstone turns, as if grinding wheat into flour. Eggs, milk and sugar are on hand for kids to bake bread and cake. The upper level of the windmill provides storage space for hay and other supplies. There’s a Miller figure and a Shepherd Villager, who shears the yellow and orange Minecraft sheep. There’s a loom with wool; any spare wool can be used to decorate the tree. Next to the mill is a farm plot, where kids can grow wheat, sugar cane and beetroot. Meanwhile, a zombie is lurking, waiting to attack! The intuitive LEGO Builder app gives builders added digital fun.

  • Minecraft® farm and functional windmill toy – This kids’ toy features Minecraft figures in a hands-on, creative adventure set for boys and girls aged 8 and over
  • Video-game building playset – The toy includes a buildable windmill and farm model, plus 2 LEGO® Minecraft® sheep, a zombie and Miller and Shepherd Villager figures
  • Windmill farm adventure set – Kids role-play with a hand-operated windmill, baking bread and cake, farming sugar cane and wheat, weaving clothes from sheep's wool and fending off a zombie attack
  • Farm-equipment toys – Elements include a windmill millstone and a LEGO® Minecraft® loom as well as fun accessories, such as cake, bread, milk, shears and a barrel containing eggs and sugar
  • Farm-themed gift – Whether you’re looking for a Minecraft® farm playset or a LEGO® zombie gift, this multifaceted Minecraft toy will inspire kids to explore a variety of independent play possibilities
  • 3D building instructions – Kids can download the LEGO® Builder app for an immersive building experience, with digital tools to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress
  • Minecraft® made real – LEGO® Minecraft building toys for kids give players a different way to enjoy the game, with mobs, scenes and features brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks
  • Working Minecraft® windmill – The windmill in this 462-piece set measures over 20 cm (7.5 in.) high, 16 cm (6.5 in.) wide and 11 cm (4.5 in.) deep
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