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41234 Bumblebee™ Helicopter

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Detailed Description

Help Bumblebee™ protect the crystals, featuring a helicopter with zipline and stud shooters, a dumpster for the crystals, mini-doll figure and 2 red Kryptomites.

Watch out! The red Kryptomites are trying to steal the crystals to make more little monsters! Help Bumblebee™ shake them from her helicopter before they can get to the storage space at the back. Fire the stud shooters to disarm the little creatures and keep the crystals safe!

Be part of the action-packed LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls™ world as Bumblebee™ protects her shipment of crystals from the Kryptomites. This great set features a Bumblebee™ mini-doll figure, helicopter with opening cockpit, spinning rotors, stud shooters, zipline and space in the back for the crystals, plus a dumpster and small stud shooter for the 2 red Kryptomites.

●Includes a Bumblebee™ mini-doll figure, plus 2 red Kryptomites.
●Features a helicopter with opening cockpit, spinning rotors, zipline, two stud shooters and storage space in the back to hold the crystals.
●Also includes a dumpster to hold the stolen crystals.
●Load the crystals in the back of the helicopter and take off.
●Fire the helicopter's stud shooters at the Kryptomites.
●Shake the Kryptomite™ off the helicopter's zipline and recover the stolen crystals from the dumpster.
●Includes a small stud shooter for the Kryptomites.
●Accessory elements include four studs and three crystal elements.
●This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 7-12.
●Join the other teens at 41232 Super Hero High School to learn more about being a Super Hero!
●Cute but evil Kryptomites are included in every LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls™ set.
●Bumblebee's helicopter measures over 2” (7cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 3” (10cm) wide.
●Dumpster measures over 1” (4cm)wide, 1” (3cm) deep and under 1” (2cm) high.

Item Id:
Packaging Height:61
Packaging Width:141
Packaging Length:157

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