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8520649 Colour Pencil 12s

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Detailed Description

Build, write, and draw with these unique LEGO colored pencils and pencil toppers. The 12pk LEGO Colored Pencil set includes 12 FSC certified wood pencils and 2 brick pencil toppers. Each pencil topper features a 2x2 LEGO brick designed to click mount to the LEGO stationery system. Each pack contains 2 pencil toppers + 1 each of the following colors: bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, lime green, dark green, azur, blue, violet, lavender, gray, brown, and black. The 12pk of colored pencils makes a great item for LEGO fans of all ages. The LEGO pencil + topper allows creativity, fun and organization all in one. Infusing high levels of LEGO DNA and allowing for more creativity, LEGO Stationery provides a unique brand experience unlike anything else within the category. The stationery collection consists of an assortment of buildable stationery products that utilize LEGO elements and all work together as a system. Unlock your imagination.