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Are LEGO Super Mario Brick-Built Microfigures Underrated?

For this month's LEGO Minifigure of the Month, we decided to explore brick-built microfigures. Though they are not technicially minifigures, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at their anatomy to see if they are able to capture the essence of each character.

Let's take a closer look at how iconic LEGO Super Mario characters are portrayed in the LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ? Block (71395).

Are they even considered Microfigures or are they just Microbuilds? You decide. 

What is a LEGO Microfigure?

According to Brickipedia, "Microfigures are a single piece sculpted to feature a head, a torso, and a pair of legs, each section being about a third of the total height. The head features a single stud on the top."

Photo Credit: Brickipedia

Going by this technical definition, the characters in LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ? Block (71395) are not Microfigures. However, the official product specifications actually qualify them as such.


Anatomy of LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ? Block (71395) Brick-Built Microscale Figures

Mario and Peach

The main stars of the iconic series are very recognizable despite having such simplistic builds. Mario only has three LEGO elements but having the mustache print really helped to make him instantly recognised. Meanwhile, Princess Peach has her pink dress on an long blond hair built intelligently using a modified 1 x 1 with stud element.

Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki


Yoshi is built with cleverly stacked 1 x 1 elements and having two of them have studs one for the front for his head and one for the back for his shell.

Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki

Lakitu Bro

Some may not realise that this build actually includes a character as it is only represented by a round 1 x 1 stud brick! But this is actually a Lakitu Bro floating on a cloud holding a camera.

Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki


The larger penguin is easily distinguisable. Its beak is using a 1 x 1 plate with a horizontal tooth. While its webbed feet is using a 1 x 1 plate with a vertical clip.

Though only built using three elements, baby penguin is very adorable!


Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki

Mr. I and Chain Chomp


These characters are actually just printed LEGO Technic Balls but they do the job pretty well! Mr. I is mounted on two stacked  1 x 1 plate with a vertical clip. While Chain Chomp's chain is made of a LEGO utensil posing stand bar with hollow stud usually used for LEGO Minifigures.


Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki

King Bob-omb

He is built using unique elements and style fit only for a king! His face is considered to be a new rare element, LEGO wheel 18 x 14 with pin hole and white mustache print. Of course he also has a LEGO Minifigure crown on.

Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki

Big Bully

Big Bully is also another straightforward build with only just a 1 x 1 brick with two studs on the side filled with a LEGO cattle horn on each side.

Photo Credit: Mario Fandom Wiki



Collect the super awesome Super Mario 64 LEGO collectible with unique brick-built minifigures!

LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ? Block (71395)

Let us know what you think of this minimalistic but ingenious design! Do you vote Yay or Nay?

What do you think of this minimalistic design?
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