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What's on: LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) First Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) Night

Hurray, the first Bricks World LCS AFOL Night was a huge success!

We are very grateful to have these awesome bunch of AFOLs to join us for the night and they were very spontaneous in participating in all the activities that were planned for them. 

So, what did they do that evening? 

Starting with light refreshments and aa mingling session between the AFOLs, they also got an exclusive preview of 3 of the key September launch sets.

The excitement level rose as guests started whipping out their cellphones and snapping photos of the launch sets! These AFOLS are the first few people in Singapore to be able to see and touch the 3 sets (Ninjago City, Old Fishing Store & BB-8) up close before they are officially launched!




Thanks to LEGO Singapore for supporting us with the display sets for the night.

We proceeded to a casual introduction amongst everyone hosted by our emcee, George Papasolomontos.

The AFOLs were then split into teams of 4 to compete in the activities - LEGO® Trivia Quiz & the Catapult Challenge.

The LEGO® Trivia Quiz left some of us scratching our heads and trying to figure out the right answers.



This LEGO piece can only be found in a particular set, do you know which?                          Which Darth Vader is this?

But unsurprisingly, we have some AFOLs who managed to score most of it correct! Talk about being a true fan!

The Catapult Challenge was the next activity, planned to bring out the friendly competitive spirit among the AFOLs. The groups were tasked to free build their Catapult from the two boxes of loose LEGO® bricks within 20mins. The catapults were then put to the test at our 3 stations – Accuracy, Power & Distance.  The team that topped the charts walked away with LEGO prizes! 

Needless to say, everyone did their best to build their catapult within the given timeframe.




The night ended off with a priority pre-order of the September launch sets, polaroid photo taking and filling up of feedback forms for which the guests were rewarded with a special goodie bag!

Through all the fun and excitement, we really enjoyed ourselves and we hope that the AFOLs who attended had just as much fun as we did! Fret not, we will be back again with another one of these amazing nights soon!

Special thanks to Jun Heng, Bricks Finder who provided the event media coverage. These wonderful images are all taken by him. Check out more of the event’s images here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/brickfinder/albums/72157687968998846/with/36403087850/

For those who missed the Bricks World LCS AFOL night, do check back on our facebook & website regularly for more updates because we are planning to host another AFOL Night in the near future (:

And if AFOL night is not your thing, keep your eye out for the other activities on the Bricks World LCS Store Calendar.

Bricks World Storemaster