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Chinese Zodiac Signs Sets Instructions Archive

The Chinese Zodiac Signs are based on the year a person is born. It is believed that the animal ruling during one's birth year has an influence one's personality and fortune.

The LEGO® Group has been offering Lunar New Year Free Gift With Purchase since the Year of the Sheep. The Year of the Snake was part of a 2013 LEGO® Creator 4-in-1 Set but we have decided to add this for people born in that year who might be interested in building it.

In case you missed any of these LEGO® GWP, we are now sharing the instructions on how to build your own LEGO® Chinese Zodiac!

Recreate them using your existing LEGO® bricks, or LEGO® 10698 Large Creative Box, or find special elements using our Pick A Brick Chat Bot!

Simply click on the images to download the instructions.


LEGO® 10250 Year of the Snake


LEGO® 40148 Year of the Sheep


LEGO® 40207 Year of the Monkey


LEGO® 40234 Year of the Rooster


LEGO® 40235 Year of the Dog


We will continue to update this every year. So keep a lookout for the next zodiac, the LEGO® 40186 Year of the Pig instructions coming soon!