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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations | LEGO DOTS Holiday Ideas

There’s no better way to spread the Christmas cheer than by decorating your home for the holidays. It's also a memorable bonding moment and tradition that can live on with your children.

Here are some easy tips using LEGO DOTS!

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

You can use a LEGO DOTS Bracelet or a small LEGO baseplate to easily create Christmas patterns. For the baseplate, you can add a modified plate on your baseplate to insert a string so you can hang your ornaments. For the bracelet, you may simply use one of the built-in holes to insert a string for hanging it on your tree.

You can also add in the LEGO Bag Tags, but just be a bit more careful in hanging them as they may be heavier than the other ornaments.

A little tip: on Christmas Eve you can also make a great game out of it and find gifts not only under but also directly on the Christmas tree.

DIY Napkin Rings

When the family comes to visit at the holidays, they usually eat a lot. So the napkins become a highlight on the plate, you can easily put them in the spotlight with a LEGO® DOTS bracelet with your own designs and make individual napkin rings for all your guests.

DIY Snow Globes

Whether as a gift during the holiday season or as a decoration in your room, the DIY snow globe will put you in the holiday season mood immediately. In the video, we explain how in just a few steps you can bring the snow magic to your home with LEGO® DOTS.

DIY Picture Frames

The holidays are a celebration of love and family. With the DIY picture frames you can give your loved ones something very special! In the video we show you creative holiday designs with which you can give every family photo the perfect frame.

DIY Gift Cards and Wrapping Paper

When all of the presents have been bought, the right wrapping paper is often missing. Why not dress up plain wrapping paper with an individual touch? All you need is a few LEGO® DOTS sets and some paint and every gift will turn into a real eye-catcher under the Christmas tree.

Let your creativity run free and spruce up your home with more festive decorations!


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