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End-of-Year LEGO®decorating for all ages!

End the year with a bang with LEGO® bricks! Enjoy fun family building and bonding with these tips!


Introduce the fun of LEGO® bricks early and decorate with these easy and simple LEGO® DUPLO instructions! Cherish the wonderful moments you've had in 2018 with these DIY LEGO® DUPLO Photo Frames.


Click on each image to see larger view!

Start building using LEGO® Duplo 10854 Creative Box and 10848 My First Bricks!



Check out this innovative inspiration to turn your LEGO® 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox into awesome machines from another episode of Boost Bots!   Also catch the instructions for 40287 Sleigh December Monthly Mini Build in case you missed it and access the 2018 LEGO® Monthly Mini Build instructions archive for more!



Click on each image to see the full instructions!

Start building using LEGO® 17101 Boost Creative ToolboxLEGO® Classic 10698 Large Creative Box, and 10703 Creative Builder Box!



Check out these amazing vending machines made from LEGO® by LEGO® fanatic and vending machine enthusiast Marcel in his Youtube Channel AstonishingStudios! His creations show that LEGO® bricks can be more than just a toy!



All photos taken from the Youtube Videos of Marcel of AstonishingStudios

Start building using elements from the LEGO® Certified Stores Pick A Brick Wall with the help of our Pick A Brick Chat Bot!

Have fun building and decorate your house in the process!