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Fun and learning at home: The Science of Energy

Fun at home.  And maybe a bit of learning too 😊

At this time when we’re being asked to stay home and social distance, let’s get creative with our home based tuition and learning experiences.   Doing practical, fun experiments that demonstrate science skills in everyday life create interest and encourage confidence, self-direction and independent thinking.   Playing with LEGO bricks supports school learning and develops additional 21st century skills. 

Check out some cool projects below that help kids explain energy, forces and interactions.  Mum and Dad, feel free to join in or use this time to grab a cup of coffee and a breather!

Balloon/Rocket/rubber band powered cars

Cars that can be made to move under their own steam are always fun.  We’ve all seen the balloon powered car, but what about a rocket powered one?  Or one driven by elastic bands?   All 3 demonstrate the effect of different types of energy.

Watch this video to learn more about how cars work and move


And then create some experiments of your own at home

Rocket Powered Car

Rubber Band powered car

Credit to frugalfunforboys for some fab ideas.

Looking for more fun?

Set up a competition at home and see whose car travels the furthest and/or the fastest.  Build different styles of cars to test which are the most aerodynamic.  Replicate the experiments with LEGO boats in water to see what impact the force of the water has.  Don’t forget your driver!

#LEGODiscover #letsbuildtogether

If you also want some more light-hearted fun, take part in the April 16x16 plate building challenge.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more details.