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Fun Under The Sun with LEGO bricks!

Battle the heat and entertain your child this school holiday!

Fun activities to do by the pool side! Teach your child that learning science is fun!

Foster the love of learning in your little ones to set them up for their future. Spark their natural curiosity by learning...

  • Density - measure of mass per unit of volume.
  • Buoyancy - force that causes object to float.
  • Gravity - force which tries to pull two objects toward each other.
  • Displacement - the change in position of an object.
  • Scientific Method - formulate questions, hypothesis, and prediction. Do a test and analyze the results.

Prompt your child with questions such as:

  • What happens when you place objects in the raft/boat?
  • What makes the raft/boat sink?
  • Does turning and moving things around help your raft/boat balance better?


Click on the images below to get full instructions of the experiments!


Build rafts or boats using LEGO® bricks and see which one floats!

Photo by:
LEGOLAND Discovery Centre England


Fill two measuring cups with equal amounts of water. Drop LEGO® bricks inside and observe what happens!


Photo by:
Lemon Lime Adventures



 Build different types & sizes of boats to see which one can hold the most coins or LEGO® minifigures!

Photo by:
Lemon Lime Adventures 




Build one that can hold the most number of LEGO® bricks.


Photo by:



Drop different types & sizes of LEGO® Bricks and observe what happens


Photo by:
Science Sparks 


Try it at home with your own LEGO® bricks!
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There are so many ways to play and learn together! Explore different ways to use LEGO® bricks for your child's STEAM learning. Keep a lookout for more LEGO® building tips coming your way!


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