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Get some peace and quiet in a LEGO Tree House 🌲

Remember what it felt like to be young, when you could be anyone you wanted and go anywhere in the world, just by daydreaming?

Remember a time before staycations and quick getaways? We used to dream of having our very own tree house as a special hideaway. A place where adventure is unlimited and creativity comes easily. 

Though we don't have space for the real deal in Singapore, we can always build a LEGO version inside the house!

Check out these spectacular Tree House creations by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL)! Admire and take inspiration from the unique building techniques they used. Click on the images to see more details.


Mrs. Merple's Treehouse
by Tiberium_Blue

Complete with a driveway ala Lord of the Rings, this tree house built by AFOL Tiberium_Blue is straight out of a storybook. The building techniques used for the fence and the roofs are simple yet interesting!

The Faerie Forest
by Sean and Steph Mayo

Invite magic in by building a fairy garden! Sean and Steph Mayo's creation is filled with loads of magical detail that would entice an entire village of fairies! A spiral staircase leads to the tree houses. There's also a lookout on the roof to enjoy the scenery from above.

Death Star Treehouse
by Hen Peril


Hen Peril's beautiful creation makes a great display that gives a surprise to the viewer once they turn it! Definitely a good hideout for your LEGO minifigures!

House in the Hundred Acre Wood
by JK Brickworks

JK Brickworks shared Kristal's Winnie The Pooh creation. It faithfully recreates Pooh's tree house and the technique she used to make the house look like it's made of grass is clever indeed.

Tinkerer's Tree House
by Buildfiend and nunki-psi


Buildfiend and nunki-psi's treehouse offers great ideas on how to put function into play. The roof swings open to reveal a bedroom, there's a winch that send buckets of water up, and even a secret trap door!

City Tree House
by Marcus Lim


This quirky tree house creation was submitted by Singaporean AFOL Marcus Lim in last year's AFOL My Own Creation Competition. It's amazing how he was able to balance that house using only a few bricks as tree stump!

Into The Trees
by oLaF LM

Take inspiration from oLaF LM and try building your tree house in an actual bonsai tree! This is great to have and definitely a conversation piece for when guests come over.


Build the ultimate LEGO® 21318 Tree House that was inspired by an Adult Fan of LEGO Creation! Explore the detailed bedrooms and bathroom. Change to a different season by switching up the leaves. Did you know that the 180 botanical elements are made of sustainable materials? How cool is that! 😍 🌱 🌿

Try it at home with your own LEGO® bricks!
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