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In Case You Missed It | AFOL Night (June 2022) Recap

Times might have changed, but there are some things that will always remain the same! Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) had thoroughly enjoyed the feel-good taste of nostalgia with our '90 years of LEGO'-themed AFOL Night!


First-hand look on the upcoming launches

By attending the AFOL Night, participants were the first customers in Singapore to get hands-on preview of the July 2022 LEGO launches such as the spectacular LEGO® Loop Coaster (10303), LEGO® City Freight Train (60336), and more!


Ice Breaker: Getting to know each other

We spent time sharing memories of how we got introduced to LEGO bricks as well as the first LEGO sets we built. Many AFOLs started at a relatively young age and went through the "LEGO Dark Ages" due to school and work commitments. However during the pandemic, many found the opportunity to reconnect with this hobby as they had more time at home. There were also some who got introduced to this hobby by their children. No matter how we started, everyone shared the same passion for this timeless hobby.



It was a test of memory as AFOLs had to answer questions revolving the history of The LEGO® Group.

As a twist, each group was able to take LEGO Minifigures from the Build a Minifigure tower, equivalent to the their total score from the Trivia Quiz. This will assist them in adding more characters for their story building later on the LEGO Diorama Challenge.

Want to challenge your LEGO knowledge? Try the quiz!



To celebrate The LEGO® Group's 90-year journey, each group was given a LEGO® Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) set for the LEGO Speed Build Challenge.

We challenged the participants to finish building all the 15 mini build recreations of iconic LEGO sets from across the years.

The first team to finish got the advantage of first pick for the LEGO Diorama Theme for the next challenge.

Up for a challenge? Try it with your friends!



The challenge has leveled up as the AFOLs were only allowed to use the 1,100 pieces that came with the LEGO® Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) and up to 11 Minifigures from the LEGO® Build a Minifigure tower - depending on the scores they received from the LEGO Trivia Quiz.

The AFOLs also had to build according to the theme they chose. There were a total of six different themes and all were based on iconic LEGO themes (Castle, Pirates, Space, Adventurers, City, Ninjago).



The biggest winners of the night are the diorama challengers who each received a LEGO® Classic Bricks and Functions (11019) set to unleash their creativity!

At the end of the event, each participant received a goodie bag containing LEGO goodies (a LEGO® Classic Wooden Duck polybag and a LEGO® 3-in-1 Build Your Own Vehicle polybag) plus an LCS Bricks World Voucher as well as a Magnet. They were also allowed to divide and keep the 1,100-piece LEGO® Classic 90 Years of Play (11021) that they used for their speed build challenge.


See you next time!

For those who missed the LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) Adult Fan of LEGO Night, do check back on our Instagram & website regularly for more updates because we are planning to host another AFOL Night in the near future (:

And if AFOL night is not your thing, keep your eye out for the other activities on the LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) Store Calendar.

Bricks World Storemaster