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LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) - 5 ways LEGO Duplo can help your child

LEGO® Duplo creates high quality play experiences through which a child learns and develops core skills.  Read on to find out more....

1. Fine motor skills
We've all struggled to separate LEGO bricks, even with the classic separator. They stick together like glue and even with the larger LEGO Duplo pieces, it takes a lot of hand-eye coordination and strength to put the pieces together and pull them apart.  Building with LEGO bricks develops fine motor skills and strengthens hand muscles for writing and drawing.

2. STEM for Beginners
LEGO bricks can be used to teach simple math concepts. Ask your child to find bricks with different numbers of studs on them or stack a certain number of blocks or build a simple graph model. Use LEGO bricks as counters to teach addition and subtraction.  Teach patterns by having them stack colours in a particular order and use Duplo bricks as a weighing method - how many LEGO Duplo bricks does your shoe weigh?

3. A new Dimension

Playing with LEGO bricks also helps children learn to think beyond two dimensions. Challenge them to build a tower or a bridge and see how quickly they figure out how to stabilise a structure.  Build a boat and watch them learn how to stop it capsizing and carry different weights.


4. Get Creative
Go beyond the instruction booklet and see where their imagination takes them. Encourage your child to free build, ask them about what it is, what it does and why they built it? Challenge your child’s creativity by getting them to build stories (either their favourite fairytales or ones out of their own head) in LEGO form.

5. Problem-Solving
Playing with LEGO bricks provides opportunities for problem solving, whether your child builds to set instructions or something from their imagination. Whether they don’t have the exact bricks they need for a free build or they’ve taken a wrong step in the instruction booklet they need to figure out figure out how to fix it.

And as an added bonus....
6. Life Lessons
Life as a toddler and pre-schooler is full of firsts. First bus ride, first school day, first supermarket trip. Remove the anxiety and help your child understand what’s involved by role playing with LEGO Duplo Town sets. Soon they’ll be leading you through the world.

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