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LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) MINIFIGURE(S) OF THE MONTH - Fairy Tale Characters of LEGO® Ideas 21315 Pop-Up Book

Fairy Tales are timeless stories that teach young children values and enrich their imagination. Two of the most popular fairy tales  are Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Join us in rediscovering these lovable characters, relive bedtime stories from your youth and tell your own! 

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived on the edge of a wood.... She first appeared in LEGO Minifgure Series 7 in 2012.  Six years on she's been updated in link with this modern bricktacular take on the timeless story about a girl with a red cape.  The modern version includes a cute skirt and fringe.

In other versions the story was called 'The Story of Grandmother'.     Is Grandmother a powerless sick old lady or does she put up a good fight against the wolf?

A perennial bad guy in fairytales (The Three little Pigs, Peter & The Wolf) his wicked features are played up instilling a fear in us.  But, he also teaches valuable lessons about strangers and 'sheep in wolves clothing'.   How would the story go if the Wolf was the goodie and Red Riding Hood the baddie?

LEGO® trivia: The Grandmother and the Wolf are the first LEGO® Minifigures to have legs in the shade of pink!
Jack, depending on your perspective is either, a young loveable scallywag who didn't listen to his mother, a boy who showed immense ingenuity and courage to solve tricky situations or a villain who uses his miserable situation to justify theft.   Which do you see? 

Fee-fi-fo-fum.  Is the Giant a victim for villain?  Where did he get those treasures from?  Should Jack give them back?  Is the Giant really kind and upon descending the beanstalk sees how Jack & his mother live and invites them to his castle in the sky to live forever?  You decide.

LEGO® trivia: The Jack Microfigure is a new-for-November-2018 element!

Build, play, and display classic fairy tales with the first-ever buildable LEGO® Ideas 21315 Pop-Up Book made of LEGO® bricks! Create your fairy tale and enjoy these two stories in one book!
Feeling inspired? Create different versions of the story by using your existing LEGO® bricks and minifigures to make the story more interesting!