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LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) MINIFIGURE(S) OF THE MONTH - The Avengers

Don't worry! This blog is free from spoilers!

Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is a record-smashing blockbuster success pulling in an astonishing $1.2 billion globally in its opening weekend alone!

The last installment in this decade-long saga beautifully wraps up the story as a whole, giving us a good understanding on the main Avengers' character development. It's not just a story about saving the world after all. But a story about family and friendship.


Iron Man and Captain America
Agreeing-to-Disagree Friendship

Tony and Steve have not always seen eye-to-eye which had led to them to take different paths. In Infinity War, we can recall Tony telling Bruce that "The Avengers broke up." with Bruce's confused reply, "Broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?"

Fortunately, they managed to set their differences aside. They are a classic example of how friends might not always have the same views, but are still able to forgive and have each other's backs when they need it the most.

Tony can be seen wearing his new-for-March-2019 Iron Man MKLXXXV suit with two power blasts and two leg cylinders. This could potentially be the last LEGO Iron Man minifigure which makes it a true collectible!

Captain America on the other hand, is wearing his Quantum Realm suit. He has a new-for-March-2019 molded helmet printed complete with wing emblems on either side and a distinctive 'A' on the front. While his shield gets a pearl silver component with printed stripes upgrade. He has a double-sided head which allows you to recreate his scenes more effectively!


Black Widow and Hawkeye
Friends Who Are Like Family

Natasha and Clint have been S.H.I.E.L.D. agents way before Nick Fury decided to form The Avengers.  Their  friendship shows us how we are never truly alone and that we might not be related by blood, but friends can also be our family.

These two 'besties' can be seen wearing their Quantum Realm suits with detailed printing on the torso, legs, and even on their feet! Their other teammates can be seen wearing the same team suit.  The team's double-sided heads show them having their game face on, ready to take on Thanos and get their friends back whatever it takes!


Accepting our Inner-Demon

Bruce and The Hulk may occupy the same body but they have previously been different entities. In Infinity War, we saw how Hulk was unwilling to help in the battle and Bruce saying "We've got a lot to figure out buddy".

Most of us have also felt this inner-conflict and accepting this other side of us only makes us grow and be better.

This new-for-March-2019 big figure even shows a smiling Hulk compared to the older versions that always portray him being angry!


Thor & Rocket
An Unlikely Friendship

Thor & Rocket first met in Infinity War where both suffer huge losses.  This tragic event has LEFT them both depressed. But they eventually find strength with one another along with the other Avengers. 

Thor and Rocket are also sporting their Quantum Realm suits. What's interesting about these two though is the awesome brick-built weapons they are carrying. A two-handed gun for Rocket and Thor's Stormbreaker!

Recreate the epic Avengers:Endgame battle scenes with your favourite characters with the LEGO® Avengers: Endgame sets!

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