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LEGO Lunar New Year Spectacle by Titans Creations

Lunar New Year or The Spring Festival is one of the most significant holiday seasons in Singapore.  An opportunity to celebrate community, feasting, good fortune and family. 

A time to ensure prosperity for the coming year and give thanks for the previous one.

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"Streets of Prosperity"



Celebrating Chinese New Year in spectacular fashion, what we miss dearly and what we strive to have once again.





The hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year. Childhood memories. Bustling sundry stores selling sweet meats, souvenirs, Feng Shui crystals, decorative plants and toys are accompanied by a large free flowing crowd. A lion dance troupe has arrived on the back of familiar parked lorries and proceeds to entertain with their lively performance amidst fireworks, tacky Chinese New Year songs and the smell of delicious cooked food wafting in the air.

Passing festival boats and bumboats drift by lazily in the glistening Singapore River, under the watchful gaze of "Brickheadz" Sir Stamford Raffles. Life must go on! 加油!

Built by Evan Chang, Fievel Foo, Kevin Ku, Kai Jie, Elwin, NSS, Robin Yeo, Minifigbin, greeblesauce, Alvin, Jacky, Jun Heng, Ivan, Wilson and Kai Hong.


"3 Generations of Happiness"


Inspired by the bliss of a happy family with multiple generations living under the same roof harmoniously. 



Let's make a fan build a reality

Support a local Singaporean builder, Evan Chang, and make this into the first Chinese themed modular building by voting for it at the LEGO IDEAS page. Evan Chang needs 10,000 votes!  Vote Now!



A lively Chinese New Year procession, original "Brickheadz" floats of "Fu, Lu, Shou" pass by the 3 Generations of Happiness family home.

Built by Evan Chang, Fievel Foo, Kevin Ku, Kai Jie, Elwin, Belrion and NSS. 


View them both in the gallery gallery to see the intricate details!



Wishing all our Chinese friends a very OX-picious New Year!May it be filled with good fortune, happiness and prosperity!