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LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH February 2021 | Black Falcon Knights

The Black Falcon Knights return to give us major classic LEGO Castle vibes!

Let's deep dive and learn more on why these knights hold a special nostalgia factor for long-time LEGO fans.

The faction appeared in several sets in the 1980s. They were not initially introduced officially by The LEGO Group as "The Black Falcon Knights" but were referred to as "Guardians" or "Eagle Crests" by fans. The confusion arose when the LEGO Black Falcon's Fortress released in 1986 was launched as Eagle Crest Castle in Australia and Castle Draco and the Black Knight in the UK.



Traces of Black Falcon Knights, like their emblem, can be found in several sets across the years like in LEGO Harry Potter The Durmstrang Ship (4768) and  LEGO Kingdoms Joust (10223).


The Black Falcon Knights are an awesome addition to the LEGO Medieval Blacksmith (21325) set. They were not originally in the LEGO Ideas Fan Submission by Clemens Fiedler, but were added in by LEGO Designers Wes Talbott and Austin William Carlson.

In the latest version of the Black Falcon Knights they have upgraded their armour and weapons. Most probably thanks to the talented blacksmith they frequent! The halberd is most notable as it is an upgraded version of the Monkey King's staff.

Compared to the original Black Falcon soldier, they now have pauldrons (which seem to be customisable depending on the preference of each knight). The helmet is also more detailed and looks more protective than the older version. A neat detail on the armour is that we can see they still prefer to wear red belts but have decided to wear chain mail underneath for extra protection all the way to their arms. The shield is still the same, boasting their pride.

Excited to get medieval? Meet the new Black Falcon Knights in person in the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith (21325)!


Photo credits for LEGO 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, Black Falcon Knights: Brothers Brick. Read their intensive review of the set here