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What's on: LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) March Madness: Find out what happened in stores this month!

1) Guess The Number of LEGO Bricks Contest, 9 – 15 Mar, at LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) Jem
Open to children ages 6 – 14. Participants must guess the number of LEGO bricks contained inside the LEGO Pick-A-Brick cup displayed in store. 7 lucky winners with the closest guesses were selected this time round to receive an exclusive LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) LEGO Goodie Bag worth $15!


2) LEGO Monthly Mini Build, 12 & 13 Mar, at Suntec City Atrium
This month, the little ones were tasked to build a mini LEGO Lamb model. Upon completing the build, our young LEGO fans get to bring home their own little masterpieces! This activity is FREE and takes place every month for all children ages 6 – 14 years.




3) LEGO Technic Tuesday, 20 Feb, at LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) Suntec City
Rotating among our LEGO® Certified Stores, this flash activity is held in our stores every month! This month's challenge was to overcome the obstacles using the LEGO® Technic Stunt Truck and impressively, we have a winner who managed to clear the furthest obstacle where many have failed to do so!

We do witness familiar faces each time in our event and we thank you very much for your support! If you have yet to give it a try, keep a lookout for next month’s challenge!



4) LEGO AFOL Night, 26 Mar, at LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) ION Orchard
Amidst our many activities which are mainly for children, we do also cater events for the adults! Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) Night is a private event exclusively for members, ages 16 and above and is held bi-monthly, this time in our ION Flagship Store.

If you wish to meet fellow AFOLs, test and compete each other in the challenging LEGO quizzes and LEGO builds, then this would be the perfect event to sign up for!


Every month we have more exciting LEGO based activities coming up. If you are keen to participate, sign up sign up at www.bricksworld.com/register. Stay tuned for more updates via our LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) Store Calendar, Facebook and website.