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LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH - Star Wars New Characters!

Star Wars New Characters!  

In anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars™ Movie: Han Solo in May, we’re featuring some new Star Wars characters that have not seen before!

First up, introducing the Mighty Moloch. Donning a ferocious looking mask and an ominous looking cloak, Moloch is seen here wielding a staff and a blast pistol in his hands. It was rumored that Moloch doesn’t think twice in sacrificing innocent children and has once crossed paths with the great Han Solo. Whether or not Han Solo eventually neutralizes Moloch is something we’ll only find out from the movie!

Moloch is accompanied by a pair of White Corellian Hounds when he travels on his Landspeeder. The Corellian Hounds are native  to Corellia and are known as razor hounds for their sharp teeth and spine covered body. Corellian Hounds are intelligent creatures who will not stop at attacking anything smaller than themselves.

Unlike the cute Porgs that were s previously featured, these Corellian Hounds function above aesthetics and  serve as  great pets/bodyguards.

Finally, we have Quay Tolsite,  a member of the Pyke Syndicate also known as the Spice Traders in the Galaxy. It’s speculated that The Pyke Syndicate could be holding Chewbacca captive as it’s known that the Wookies are slave labor on Kessel, but likewise, we will only know when the movie hits the theatres!

There are so many plot possibilities circling in our mind right now, we just can’t wait for the movie to be out!  

Meanwhile, get the New Star Wars sets and find Gang Leader Moloch and the Corellian Hound minifigure in 75210 LEGO® Moloch's Landspeeder™ - RRP S$99.90 and Quay Tolsite minifigure in 75212 LEGO® Kessel Run Millennium Falcon™- RRP S$279.90.

All these sets are available in LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World): ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, Plaza Singapura, Suntec City, VivoCity, Jem, Resorts World Sentosa and www.bricksworld.com/collections/star-wars