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The FIRST ever LEGO® MRT Map in Singapore

The LEGO® MRT Map, an iconic form of transport in Singapore was completed on August 1st together with the launch of another iconic transport mode from London – The LEGO® London Bus #10258.

To celebrate this very special day, customers who purchased a set of London Bus got to redeem an exclusive free gift – An AFOL designed London Hackney Cab made from LEGO bricks. On top of that, they got to place their nearest neighbourhood station to help complete building the LEGO® MRT Map. How fun is that?



The LEGO® MRT Map is approximately 1189mmL x 841mmH and contains the 5 main MRT lines in Singapore -  East West Line, North South Line, North East Line, Circle Line and the Downtown Line. Each MRT line is represented by different uniquely coloured LEGO® bricks. There are a total of 108 stations with each station marked out by 1 LEGO® black stud.

Did you know that this LEGO® MRT Map is made up of more than 3000 bricks?

The Map is currently displayed in our Plaza Singapura store. Do pop by if you have a chance and check out this amazing build. If you are there, try to spot the rest of our store locations which are represented on the map by a different colour LEGO® stud.

Bricks World Storemaster