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Valentine's Day LEGO®decorating for all ages!

Declare your love with LEGO® bricks!  Build as a family with these tips!  



Introduce the fun of LEGO® bricks early and decorate with these easy and simple LEGO® DUPLO instructions! Make hearts, flowers, and say I ♥ U with your precious little one.



Click on each image to see larger view!

Start building using LEGO® Duplo 10887 Creative Fun and 10848 My First Bricks!



Express your love in your own way. Build hearts, flowers, and cute animal versions of Cupid!




Also catch the instructions for 40321 Jet Fighter January Monthly Mini Build in case you missed it and access the LEGO® Monthly Mini Build instructions archive for more!

Click on each image to get the full instructions!

Start building using LEGO® Classic 10698 Large Creative Box, and the new 2019 11005 Creative Fun set!



Plan the perfect Valentine's Day picnic or dinner. Create a unique gift that commemorates your special moments!




Start building using elements from the LEGO® Certified Stores Pick A Brick Wall with the help of our Pick A Brick Chat Bot!

Have fun building your timeless moments!

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