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What's Trending | Bring the Fun Home: Support the LEGO Claw Machine on LEGO® Ideas!


Bring the Fun Home: Support the LEGO Claw Machine on LEGO Ideas! 

Are you ready to add a touch of nostalgia and excitement to your LEGO collection? Imagine having your very own working LEGO Claw Machine, complete with adorable brick-built prizes and mini toys to catch! This fantastic product idea, submitted by 2A2A on April 17, 2023, has already captured the hearts of 8,563 LEGO fans and has been recognized as a staff pick.

The LEGO Claw Machine is a delightful creation that brings the joy of arcade claw machines into the LEGO world. Designed with meticulous detail, this set features a fully functional mechanism for controlling the claw's position, creating a truly immersive experience. The prizes include charming brick-built dinosaurs, robots, aliens, cats, and more, providing endless fun for both children and adults.

Working claw mechanism with precise control.

Control panel with a coin slot compatible with classic LEGO gold coins.

Brick-built prizes including dinosaurs, robots, aliens, cats and 3 minifigures to catch.

All images credits to 2A2A 

The LEGO Claw Machine incorporates an ingenious mechanism driven by two hidden motors in the base. These motors control the X-Y platform in the top, ensuring precise movement of the claw. The platform, driven by worm gears, adds an extra layer of intricacy to the design. The claw-drop function, currently under development, will feature a scissors mechanism with a rubber band to create a lifelike claw-grabbing experience.

As of now, the LEGO Claw Machine has garnered 8,563 supporters on LEGO Ideas, showcasing the widespread enthusiasm for this delightful creation. If you're as excited about this set as we are, show your support by casting your vote HERE for this fantastic project!

Imagine the joy of having your very own LEGO Claw Machine at home, ready to entertain and delight friends and family alike. Don't miss out on the chance to bring this unique creation to life!


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