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What's Trending | LEGO Tensegrity Micro Scale Castle!


Tensegrity Micro Scale Castle!
by Redditor u/ProDogMan 

Redditor user u/ProDogMan shared his micro scale castle and it's intense!



Credits to u/ProDogMan

What does Tensegrity mean?

The term was coined in the 1960s by architect/inventor Buckminster Fuller as a portmanteau of Tensional Integrity. Tensional Integrity is a physics principle whereby objects push and pull against each other thus creating opposing forces which causes an object to be held in place. 

You can find applications of this cool principle in structures around you like bridges, towers, and even on a NASA robot!

Let's have a view from different angles of ProDogMan's cool build:

Photos credit to u/ProDogMan

"I spent an hour and a half cobbling this together" - u/ProDogMan

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