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What's Trending | "My LEGO IDEAS set VIKING VILLAGE is now finally available!"


"My LEGO IDEAS set VIKING VILLAGE is now finally available!"

by u/BrickHammer42


Are you ready to embark on a journey to the Viking Age? Hold onto your helmets, because the latest addition to the LEGO Ideas theme is here, and it's a real treasure. 

The LEGO Ideas Viking Village (21343) is a captivating journey back in time to the Viking Age, brought to life by German fan designer Florian, also known as BrickHammer. Florian's dedication and passion for this project are truly inspiring. He first introduced his Viking vision in 2020, but it wasn't approved. Undaunted, he resubmitted it in 2022, only to face another rejection. Florian's relentless commitment to his Viking dream showcases the true spirit of LEGO enthusiasts.

Here's where the story takes a thrilling twist, a collaboration with US retailer Target in 2022 led to a fan vote where the Viking Village triumphed with over 16,000 votes, ensuring its production.

After three years of designing and submitting projects on the LEGO IDEAS website the wait is finally over!  - BrickHammer

This remarkable set consists of 2,103 pieces and offers a vivid portrayal of Viking life. It includes a meticulously crafted blacksmith's smithy, a grand chieftain's longhouse, a connecting bridge to a watchtower, and a hidden cave for mineral mining.

Florian's inspiration for this unique creation stemmed from his university studies, particularly the Norman conquest of 1066 and its influence on Anglo-Saxon society, sparking his fascination with Viking culture. 

The LEGO Ideas Viking Village set is more than just bricks; it's a celebration of creativity and community, inviting builders to step back in time and experience the Viking Age in an imaginative and captivating way. 

Get yours now at HERE!

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