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8800050 electronic Gift Card S$50

Price (before any applicable Member's discount)

$50.00 $50.00

Limit 10



Detailed Description

Terms and Conditions for electronic Gift Cards

● An e-Gift Card entitles the bearer to purchase products from Bricks World LEGO Certified Store online store ( and are not valid in stores.

● You will receive an email that your e-Gift Card is ready for use with an e-Gift Card code immediately after payment. You can then either use the card yourself, you can forward to someone as a gift or print off and pass to someone.

● Use the e-Gift Card code by copying and inserting the code in the DISCOUNT/GIFT CARD Box while checking out. This can also be used for multiple e-Gift Cards.

● An e-Gift Card is a form of payment and therefore a purchase of an e-Gift Card does not earn Golden Bricks however customers can still earn and redeem Golden Bricks as part of the normal checkout process.

● An e-Gift Card can be spent over more than one order, provided there is still a balance remaining on the e-Gift Card. 

● To check the balance please follow the link on the e-Gift Card, otherwise email us here with details of the code.

● This e-Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another e-Gift Card.

● This e-Gift Card is not exchangeable for cash or any other vouchers.

● This e-Gift Card is only valid for 6 months from issue date.

● Bricks World is not liable for unauthorized use of purchased e-Gift Cards.