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31155 Hamster Wheel

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Pet-lovers can enjoy fun stories with this LEGO® Creator Hamster Wheel 3in1 playset, then rebuild it into a cat play area or kennel.

Pet-lovers can play out exciting stories with this interactive 3in1 LEGO® set! Build a playhouse for 2 hamsters so they can exercise on a spinning wheel and zoom down a slide. Later, rebuild it into a cat play area with a skateboard, spinning wheel and mouse toy or a house where an adorable dog can whizz down a ramp and play with its cute toys. The choice is yours with this 3in1 set!

Boys, girls and pet-lovers aged 8+ can play out fun-filled stories with this cute 3in1 Hamster Wheel (31155) animal toy set. It features an interactive playhouse where 1 hamster can run around a spinning wheel and another can zoom down a slide. This hamster playground is also packed with cool accessories including a water tank, a tyre, a hanging bell and a food bowl. This LEGO® Creator set gives kids 3 different small animal toys to build using the same bricks. They can build a hamster toy playhouse, rebuild it into a play area for a cat with a spinning wheel and a skateboard or a kennel where a dog can slide down a ramp and play with cool toys. Creator 3in1 sets make exciting LEGO gifts for kids with 3 different models to create in every box. Kids will be excited to build, rebuild and build again. 3in1 sets keep them happy for countless hours and offer a range of models that appeal to their biggest passions, including superfast vehicles, amazing animals and detailed city scenes.

  • 3 animal toys in 1 set – Boys and girls aged 8+ can build and rebuild 3 different animal playsets using the same set of bricks with this LEGO® Creator Hamster Wheel 3in1 toy
  • Non-stop role-play options – Kids enjoy stories with 3 different animal toys: spinning with 2 hamster toys, a cat play area LEGO® set with a spinning wheel or a kennel with a dog and its toys
  • Posable and interactive small animal toys – The hamster toy can run around a spinning wheel, the cat toy has a posable tail and ears and the LEGO® dog toy has built-in wheels to zoom down a ramp
  • Playable display models – The hamster interactive toy and the 2 other playsets can all be displayed by kids and pet-lovers on a shelf or bedside table after their playtime adventures
  • LEGO® gift – This Creator 3in1 mini hamster toy for kids provides a fun build-and-play experience for creative kids and can be given as birthday or Christmas gift
  • More 3in1 fun – Expand the 3in1 fun with other sets (sold separately) from the LEGO® Creator range, including amazing animals, cool vehicles and detailed city scenes
  • LEGO® Creator toys – Every 3in1 set lets kids build 3 different models inspired by some of their biggest passions, including animals, vehicles and detailed city scenes
  • Measurements – This 416-piece LEGO® building set features a buildable hamster playhouse measuring over 19 cm (7.5 in.) high, 13 cm (5 in.) wide and 26 cm (10 in.) deep