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40709 Spring Animal Playground

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Detailed Description

Celebrate Easter with this fantastic LEGO® animal toy packed with cool features. The Spring Animal Playground (40709) set lets boys and girls aged 8+ stage fun-filled stories with a squirrel toy, bird toy, tree house, campfire, seesaw and 2 Easter eggs. Playful kids can walk the squirrel and bird up the ramp and perch them on top of the tree house, seat them around the campfire and take them for a ride on the moving seesaw. There are also 2 colourful Easter egg elements and space under the ramp and behind the tree house for fun hide-and-seek playtime. This colourful LEGO model set makes a great springtime or Easter gift and can be added to other LEGO animal playsets (sold separately) so kids can enjoy even bigger adventures. It also looks great displayed on a shelf or bedside table once playtime is over.

  • Animal toys for springtime fun – Boys and girls aged 8+ can celebrate Easter with this LEGO® Spring Animal Playground toy set packed with cute animals and fun features
  • Bird and squirrel toys – This Easter building set comes with 2 animals so kids can enjoy countless hours of fun playtimes
  • Animal set with endless play options – Kids can walk the animals up the tree house ramp and perch them on top, seat them around the campfire and place them on the moving seesaw
  • 2 Easter egg elements – Hide the colourful Easter eggs under the ramp and behind the tree house for fun-filled hide-and-seek adventures