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5 Fun Halloween LEGO Crafts for Kids and Kidults 🎃

Brick or Treat! Halloween brings fun and thrills each year. Check out these 5 Halloween LEGO DIY Crafts that you and your child can enjoy!

#1 DUPLO Monsters

Bring your child's LEGO DUPLO bricks to life with some googly eyes and funny faces stickers!

Follow Sarah's (Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls) step-by-step tutorial here 


#2 Monster Mix-up Challenge

Think of wacky ideas for your monster's head, arm, and leg then print and put in a bowl. Gather random LEGO bricks from your collection. Everyone take turns drawing from the bowl and building based on the instructions they got.

Enjoy the thrill of seeing your family's monster take shape!


Photos and tutorial by Peter Blenski (The LEGO Librarian). Follow his instructions here 


#3 Half-a-Monster Frankenstein Challenge

Similar to the previous LEGO DIY, this one lets you build half of a monster while your child builds the other half. Once done, you'll end up with more wacky monsters to add to your collection!

Photos and tutorial by Peter Blenski (The LEGO Librarian). Follow his instructions here 


#4 Pumpkinbot

Build your own transforming pumpkin robot!

Chris Maddison has been very kind to share the parts and instructions how to recreate his amazing creation here 


#5 Pumpkin Patch Maze

Grab a LEGO Baseplate, create your maze and add in your pumpkins. The challenge is to get the marble out of the maze and collect as many pumpkins as you can along the way!

Follow the step-by-step instructions by the creator, Little Bins For Little Hands here

Excited to have your own Spooktacular LEGO Fun? Start building with LEGO® DUPLO and LEGO® Classic bricks! With LEGO bricks, you can build new toys everyday!


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