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7 Games to build and play with LEGO bricks this weekend

Staying at home all weekend can prove to be a challenge, especially as we now have 6 more to go, but with a little help it can be fun.  Don't have many board games?  Here are 7 family games you can build and play using LEGO bricks.  Challenge your siblings, your parents and then, via safe video apps, your friends.


Draughts and Chess are perfect 2 player games and can also be used for tournaments for more players so you can involve as many or as few of your family and friends as you want.

Build draughts board from 365 Things to do with LEGO bricks.  Remember, it doesn't matter if you don't have the exact same bricks, use others as substitutes.

To play players take turns moving one piece at a time.  You can only move 1 square at a time unless you can hop over a single opposition piece, then you can move 2 squares.

When you hop over your opponents piece you can remove it from the board.  If your piece reaches the other side of the board you can add another piece of the same colour to it and make it a 'king'.  Kings can move/jump in any direction.  

You've won when you've either captured all your opponents pieces or when you've boxed them in so they cannot make any more moves.

There are several versions of LEGO chess boards but we like this simple one from tuggunmommy.com

Challenge your family and friends to a tournament.

Create LEGO Dominoes

The simplest way to play dominoes with LEGO would be to collect a large number of 2x4 bricks and set them up in any creative formation you want.

But, if you want a bigger challenge, let's learn how to make LEGO dominoes before stacking them.

You can also play traditional dominoes with them, matching colours until one of you wins by running out of tiles.

LEGO 4 in a row

This one's a great game for 2 players and can go on forever if you're really good at it.  Two players compete to get 4 blocks of the same colour in a row, your opponents job is to block you.

Start with no blocks on a baseplate, choose which colour bricks you want to play and find them in your collection.

Decide who's going to start, we suggest a simple game of rock, paper, scissors for this!

Rows can be vertical, diagonal or horizontal.

LEGO Bingo

Bingo is traditionally played on a scorecard of 5x5.  The aim being to match 5 images in a row with those called out by the bingo caller.  You can either create bingo cards by hand, on your computer or using LEGO bricks.



Once you've nominated the 'caller' their job is to pull random bricks out of a box, whenever one of those pieces matches one of yours you can match it off.  First player to match off a full row shouts 'Bingo' and wins

Target practice tournament

Target practice can be played alone or with friends and in a number of different ways.


This kind of target from frugalfunforboys.com can be used with either nerf guns, balls or by creating blocks of LEGO bricks to throw at the targets.  Assign a value to each target and decide how many goes each person will have .  The winner is the one with the highest score.

Alternatively you can build another type of target, similar to darts.

Build your target as big or small as you like depending on your baseplate size.  Assign a value to each 'ring', then toss bricks at the target and count up your score.  Winner has the highest score.


Ten pin bowling fans out there can use existing bricks to build their bowling pins.  If you need bigger targets use DUPLO bricks instead.  Set them up, grab a ball and away you go.

Tic Tac Toe

An old favourite, easy to build and play for all ages.  Colour theme it with your favourite colours.


When you've had enough of these check out #letsbuildtogether on Instagram and challenge family and friends to build with you.