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A Store is Born - The Opening of a LEGO Certified Store (Sneak Peaks) 1/4

Location, Location, Location

The opening day of a new LCS is an event in itself, a celebration together with our customers and an opportunity for exclusive promo’s and giveaways not seen elsewhere.  But how much work goes into a store opening?  When does the planning begin and who is involved?  It’s a long road to open the doors of a new a store, here’s how it starts…

You’ve heard it in relation to choosing a home but did you know it also applies to where you shop?  Location, location, location.  A good location can make all the difference to the success of your venture.  Finding the right balance of accessibility, visibility, brand adjacency and overall mall entertainment mix coupled with a workable rental in Singapore is challenge number 1. 

Many units were scouted and rejected because they failed on one or more criteria, simply finding the right unit and negotiating a workable rental can take months of negotiation, mall walking and discussions with retail estate teams, marketing and operations.  On top of that, is it the right shape, will there be room for a decent store room, shop front, enough wall bay units to display stock, all the design aspects we’d like to incorporate, the stuff that makes the store fun and makes you want to come back again.  All of which ensure a smooth customer experience while enabling our staff to best serve customers once open.  Finally just 2 days before Christmas, we had all the agreements in place for a new site at Suntec City.   Our Christmas present from LEGO® Singapore was to get to start work immediately, from getting designs approved to opening in just over 3 months!