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A Store is Born - The Opening of a LEGO Certified Store 2/4

The Design Process

Every LCS starts with a certain template and a wishlist.  What are the key details we need to get in because they are fundamental to a LCS and what else can we get away with 😊.    At the start excitement is high, we’re opening a new store, hurrah; what new gadgets can we have, hurrah; it’s going to be awesome, hurrah. 

Reality kicks in, CAD files are brought out and we try to shoehorn as much fun into the space as possible while working within the store requirements of an LCS and the space constraints of the store space we have, can we have a height chart that goes all the way to the ceiling (“but no one is that tall!”), a bigger play space, something instagrammable, how high and big can we get the pick a brick wall, where do we put the cashier desk to best serve customers?

Somewhere between design version 2 and 3 we lost a wall bay unit, the 2x4 brick  shopfront needs to be re-installed, we build the required design out of LEGO bricks for the designer! How many Gift centres we’d need and if/how we could include Pick a Brick and Build a Mini and still adhere to Safe Management Measures.


Agreeing all these components with multiple stakeholders, pushing the boundaries of design to deliver a cool in-store experience takes time.  And multiple zoom calls.