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Adult Fan of LEGO Night - April 2022

Hurray! Our AFOL Nights in April were another huge success and we want to thank all invitees who showed up, and kept that AFOL Fighting Spirit going from start to finish! 


Here's a recap of what happened on these two exciting nights!

LEGO® Jurassic Sets from the Apr Launch 

1st Night - LCS Suntec City, 2nd Night - LCS Resorts World Sentosa

From Friends to Foes

The AFOLs were split into teams of 4-5 to compete in their first activity - Trivia Quiz!

The team with the most points will earn themselves a large Pick a Brick cup, while the rest of the teams receive a small Pick a Brick cup each.

What is the name of this dinosaur mini figure? Answer at the bottom (:

Shout Out to the team with Full Marks in the Trivia Quiz. Well Done!

Fastest Hands Win! 

Our second activity of the night - Speed Build Challenge!

The Teams were given a fair mix of LEGO® Mining Dozer (30151) and LEGO® Mining Quad (30152) polybags. 

Tensions were high as the teams went head to head right from the start! 

Teamwork's the key to success. The team that completes all their builds in the quickest time received a large Pick a Brick cup, while the rest of the teams will once again receive a small Pick a Brick cup each.

Living the LEGO® Masters dream!

We then moved on to the highlight of the night where all LEGO fans get a taste of our Diorama Challenge! 

All teams were allowed to use the LEGO® Mining Dozer (30151) and LEGO® Mining Quad (30152) that they received earlier during the Speed Build Challenge. They then gathered LEGO® bricks using their Pick a Brick cups and LEGO® Minifigure elements from the Build a Minifigure station. 

After the teams had acquired their materials, they were given 30 minutes to construct the 'Excavation on Dinosaur Island' Diorama. The judging criteria of this challenge was not only around construction skills but also about the creative stories that each team came up with.

And we have the WINNERS!

The biggest winners of the night are the diorama challengers who each received a LEGO® T.REX Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition Jurassic World™ (76940) set!

At the end of the event, each participant received a goodie bag containing a Bricks World Voucher and other LEGO goodies. They were also allowed to keep their builds from Speed Build Challenge!

Trivia Quiz Answer: Velociraptor

This dinosaur is actually a baby velociraptor found in the LEGO® Jurassic World™ polybag with the title: “Baby Velociraptor Playpen”

See you next time!

For those who missed the LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) Adult Fan of LEGO Night, do check back on our Facebook, Instagram & website regularly for more updates! (:

And if AFOL night is your cup of tea, keep your eye out for the other activities on the LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) Store Calendar.

Bricks World Storemaster