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Build Your Own LEGO Store

The opening of the largest LEGO® store to date has filled Singapore LEGO fans with much excitement. New features in the store such as the Merlion Mosaic Wall by LCP Nicholas Foo, and Monkey King Diorama and Family Mosaic Wall both built by Singaporean LEGO fans Titans Creations, truly add much joy to our LEGO shopping experience.

Complete your LEGO® collection by bringing the LEGO® store to your home! Here are some great builds from fellow LEGO fans that you can try to do yourself.


Alternative Build to LEGO® Microscale LEGO® Brand Store (40305) by @brickfinity

The facade shows an eye-catching LEGO bricks display. While the bird's eye-view of the first-storey shows a scene we are much familiar with as LEGO shoppers.

As with every large LEGO store, we can see that there's a Pick A Brick wall, a LEGO display, and many LEGO sets on display.

Get the LEGO® Microscale LEGO® Brand Store (40305)

Try the alternate build yourself!



Modular LEGO® Store by Vincent Lai

Vincent Lai creates modern architecture using LEGO bricks which he titled as his archiBRICKture series. This MOC is his 9th piece and we can see how he has mastered creating such a brilliant architecture using his creative skills.

His LEGO Modular Store has a total of three stories and even a rooftop garden! The facade features a majestic LEGO Wooden Minifigure statue.


As we can see, the interior is also full of colour yet very sleek much like real LEGO stores.

There is even a LEGO Minifigure factory display which is being enjoyed by both young and adult fans.

There are also microscale builds of popular sets such as the LEGO Millennium Falcon. Other features also include the familiar LEGO Pick a Brick wall and a Children's Play Area.

Get the LEGO® Wooden Minifigure

Be inspired by Vincent's amazing build!