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Creative Ways to Play with LEGO Bricks and Everyday Objects

Does your child get bored easily with their toys? Check out these creative ways to play with LEGO bricks and everyday objects built by Singaporean LEGO lovers for our LEGO Staycation Build Challenge.

With LEGO bricks, you can build new toys everyday!


Floating Yakult Yacht
by @teacherrabbit2000

Camping Tent
by @xenialzenneth

Hot Air Balloon
by @shyammsarraf

Kitchen Towel Tree
by @chip_n_dale225

Dish Rack Trees
by @gylanlim

Automatic Door Closer
by @benwccheung

Toothbrush Flowers
by @yellowskyrain

Beach Day
by @mrda13

Banana Bay Sands
by @jdadot


Feeling inspired? Get your LEGO bricks to have endless fun and let your child nurture their creativity.