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Fresh Faces for your LEGO collection | LEGO® MINIFIGURES OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY 2022

LEGO® Collectible Minifigures Series 22 (71032) paves the way for more diverse characters we'll be seeing in LEGO sets in the year of 2022.

Discover these unique characters that can open new stories for your LEGO town!


For Sports Lovers

Fancy having a LEGO-lympics? The Figure Skating Champion and Wheelchair Racer are the winners for you!


The Figure Skating Champion has a sparkly outfit and hairstyle that represents the glitz of his sport. His high-combed hairpiece comes in a new blonde colour of the element. His outfit matches the Ice Skater girl in the LEGO® Collectible Minifigures Series 4 released in 2011. Sparkly stars cover his dark blue right sleeve and striped front, extend to the back of his top and there are even a few on his face. You can use a posable stand to make him do a signature pose wearing his ice skates and proudly holding his gold trophy.


A fellow athlete, Wheelchair Racer also wears his gold medal proudly. He has a cool bike helmet, gloves, and three-wheeled chair fresh from the race he just won. Prior to this minifigure, LEGO bicycle riders usually wore a simple skater helmet! It also seems that he's sponsored by a certain LEGO® City sports brand.


For Warrior Lovers

Fantasy and adventure seekers will love these new warriors that can add more thrill to your LEGO role play!


The Snow Guardian has an exquisite dark blue and white coloured outfit from head to toe. His fur cap piece (a new element) and collar protects him well from the cold. The snowflake sigil on his shield is also printed on his belt and he is accompanied by his loyal husky pal.


A mystical Night Protector accompanies the Snow Guardian in this series and she has a striking turquoise hair colour (new colour for the hairpiece). She seems even more otherworldly with the silver freckles and blue lipstick on her face. Her outfit is covered in purple and white highlights, and she sports a large amethyst pendant in the middle of her chest. Her moon sigil can also be found on her large purple oval shield and belt. Perhaps her sword has special powers as it is of a purple translucent colour, which is different from the standard sword that the Snow Guardian wields.


Another out-of-this-world character is the Space Creature. This cute fellow has eyes popping out of his head and a big gaping mouth. A pattern that somewhat reminds us of octopus suckers can be found on his feet and arms. He also has a unique neon green tank that looks like an ammo refill for his teal ray gun which also has a neon grey bullet. By sporting a purple top that has the same logo as the classic LEGO spacemen, it looks like they are on the same side!


He may not be a warrior but the Robot Repair Tech is an essential worker if you have a robot army. He's definitely the best there is as he is a robot too! He wears a detailed bright yellow outfit while his face is grey and filled with circuits. Make sure to charge him once his battery runs low, the status of which can be seen at the back of his head. He has various tools such as his black claw hand, hammer, and drill. His current "patient" is a tiny red robot.


For Animal and Nature Lovers

Animal and nature lovers will surely be excited to see these characters which make up majority of this series!


We start with another food costume to complete your collection! The Chili Costume Fan's outfit is instantly recognizable. She's carrying a milk carton which she badly needs as she's sweating profusely, perhaps from eating too much chili at the festival. Underneath the costume, we can see that she's wearing a red coloured shirt with a 'chili on fire' logo and pants. To give her some time to rest, you can remove her costume and make her wear her red hairpiece instead.


If you prefer collecting animal costumes, the Racoon Costume Fan is here for you! It seems that someone is having fun cosplaying this naughty character as we can see her rummaging a bin whilst carrying a white bag. What's even more surprising is that the woman behind the mask is actually a grey-haired grandma. If the costume looks familiar to you, it's because of the similarity to the Fox Costume Girl in Series 19.


The Bird-watcher has scored a nice catch spotting with this beautiful toucan (a new addition to your LEGO animal collection). She's definitely an avid fan as her outfit shows ample pockets on her top, a sporty watch, beige pants, brown boots, teal cap, pink bag, and green binoculars.


A fellow animal lover and expert, the Horse Groomer looks very happy as she takes care of her friend. This outdoorsy girl has cute freckles and a wide smile showing her braces. Her green plaid jacket blends in nature very well. Her horse friend is actually a completely new pony element.



The Troubadour is the perfect companion for your travels in the forest. In fact, his overall style reminds us of the classic LEGO® Castle Forestmen! Not only can he entertain you with his lute (a completely new LEGO instrument), his quirky style shows off his fun personality. He also carries some golden coins earned through providing entertainment to weary travellers.


The cute Forest Elf is full of whimsy accompanied by his little red mushroom friend. He is wearing an acorn hat as well as a leaf top and cape. As he is tiny, he carries around a walking stick to travel safely in the forest.


What's in your next mystery bag?

A fun surprise awaits in every LEGO® Collectible Minifigures Series 22 (71032) bag!