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Home Improvement with LEGO bricks!

As we all spend more time at home it's the perfect time to take a look around and see what little changes could make a big improvement to our home environment and make us smile every day.

Read on for some easy, recyclable, home made home decor ideas using your existing LEGO collection.  Brighten up your home, clear your clutter and have fun in the process!

It's the little touches that make a house a home and help keep clutter under control. 

Keys, tissues and books are all things that can end up lying around making your place look messy and uncomfortable.  Not to mention you can then never find them when you need them.



Credit: Deborah Higdon, y0immatt, amatelarchitettura

These bookends would make a lively addition to your bookshelves, but if this feels too complicated you can make simpler ones using LEGO baseplates and bricks and add a personal touch with Minifigures, LEGO Xtra accessories or DOTS.  Having a place to keep your keys means you won't spend time looking for them everytime you need to go out and you can use a different minifigure for each different family member.  Covering this tissue box by surrounding it with bricks turns an essential eyesore into a decorative table piece.

Talking of building decorative table pieces, how about some water proof, easy wipe coasters?  Or a cute vase/planter hack for your flowers?


Credit: beinggeekchic, graffitibeach

These unique coasters would be a talking point when we're able to have friends over again, as well as protecting your table from water splashes.  And by using LEGO classic bricks creatively you can create vases to match your chosen flowers or change decor without having to buy a whole new set.

Looking at making changes to bigger pieces of furniture?  The vase/planter idea can easily be adapted to build a new lamp base.  Or you can check out this lampshade hack to change the ambience of your rooms.  You can easily change the spacing and colour of the bricks to change the impact.

credit: kiflievendula

Or use this cool idea from lifehack to create a new mirror surround.  Depending on what you want to achieve and which room the mirror is in you could also liven this up/personalise it with LEGO minifigures, animals, flowers,  or use the new LEGO DOTS range, it really is up to you.

Into a room we all tend to spend a lot of time in, the kitchen.  Kitchens can be incredibly practical, but what about joyous?  A place to bring a little smile to your face while you get on with essential tasks?  4 different ideas you can use to liven up your kitchen space.


Credit: frugalfunforboys, A_Fiddler_Crab, houzz

Again all can easily be replicated using LEGO classic bricks and personalised using little accessories the from Xtra, DOTS and minifigure ranges.  If you want to colour theme them simply build in monochrome.  And remember, if you're using this time to do a few little home projects, the vase and planter ideas could also be used to start a herb garden in your kitchen and add fresh scents to your fresh look.

Happy Building this weekend.