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LEGO 15 Brick Challenge - May Playcation

Who needs holiday camps when you have LEGO bricks!

The 15 Brick Challenge is back to give you and your little builders endless hours of fun. 15 Bricks, 10 Challenges!

Follow this blog to see the winners for each day and admire the other awesome builds. You can also follow us on Instagram @legocertifiedstoresbricksworld or follow our Instagram hashtag #Playcation15!

27 May
Theme: Face

Winner: keriblitz

25 May
Theme: Landmark

Winner: jhayondrive

22 May
Theme: Landmark

Winner: the_dark_knight_darren

20 May
Theme: Musical Instrument

Winner: ngianbc

18 May
Theme: Spinning Top

Winner: happyjean10

15 May
Theme: Flower

Winner: teachergiraffe2000

13 May

Theme: 1 Colour

Winner: @happybrice168







11 May
Theme: Name










8 May
Theme: Something Funny

Winner: @yeo4115



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