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In Case You Missed It: Adult Fan of LEGO Night Returned this April 2021

The last AFOL Night was held on November 2019. Sadly, we were not able to hold any on 2020 as part of the safe management measures to keep everyone safe.

As such, it was with great joy f that we held our first post Circuit Breaker AFOL Night and could finally interact face to face and experience the joy of building and playing together.


Participants were divided into six groups with a maximum of 5 members each.  To ensure safety everyone was required to do safe entry protocols, sanitize their hands, wear masks at all times and the groups were given spots 1m apart from each other.

Preview sets were available for sneak peaks into the upcoming May launches and after viewing those it was on to the games.





As it’s been a while we warmed up with a LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30246) speed build. The winning team earned street cred for being the Fastest Mini Imperial Shuttle Builders of the night.




Next up was the LEGO Star Wars Trivia Quiz. As the Pick A Brick wall was cordoned off and couldn't be used to scavenge for parts for their diorama in the later part of the event, the teams had to win materials for their diorama by answering questions correctly.

Would you like to give it a try? Here are the questions:

  1. Name the recent highly popular Star Wars series on Disney+ starring Pedro Pascal
  2. Which LEGO Star Wars set description is this:
    "Rule the galaxy with a superlaser, conference chamber, hangar with TIE Advanced, throne room, detention block, 23 minifigures and 2 Droids.
  3. What does UCS stand for?
  4. What colour is Mace Windu's lightsaber?
  5. R2-D2 stands for Second Generation Robotic Droid Series 2. True or false?
  6. According to Brickset, there are 27 different Darth Vader minifigures produced. True or false?
  7. Is this Ice Dragon, and official Star Wars canon. True or false?

ANSWERS can be found at the end of this blog.

For every answer they got right, each team received materials for their diorama ranging from LEGO Classic White Bricks to a LEGO Tie Advanced Prototype polybag and minifigures.





Now that each team had acquired their materials, they were given 40 minutes to construct a 'LEGO Battle at Hoth Diorama'. The challenge is not just about construction skills but also about the creative stories each team comes up with during the build.






The mighty Ice Dragon must protect the "fish" saber from attacking forces at all costs!





Hoth seeks help from forces in Singapore to retake the Millennium Falcon they hid under a heavily guarded cave. Featuring the Merlion, a hawker centre, an 2 transformations: Ice Dragon into a starfighter and TIE Advanced Prototype into an AT-AT!





Hoth is under attack so the rebel forces brought their Millennium Falcon transformed  TIE Advanced Prototype!



What better way to scare the enemy but with a fleet of Imperial Shuttle and a mighty TIE Advanced Prototype? Luckily the rebel forces are strong enough with Luke's force and ARC-170 Starfighter!


The Ice Dragon and his cute Pink Minions are in high alert to protect hoth from the evil forces!


Wreckage of a great battle can be seen here and there's even a few micro A-Wing Starfighters amongst it.


Group 2 took the challenge by storm with their ingenuity and love for Singapore!

Here are some close ups of their micro-builds:



Each participant left  with a goodie bag with a Bricks World Voucher and LEGO Star Wars goodies plus the LEGO polybags and bricks they got from the different activities.

The biggest winners of the night are the diorama challengers who also each received a LEGO Battle of Hoth - 20th Anniversary Edition (40433) set!


Special thanks to Jun Heng, BrickFinder who provided the event media coverage. These images are all taken by him. Check out more of the event’s images and his write-up here -http://www.brickfinder.net/2021/04/29/bricks-world-afol-night-back/

For those who missed the Bricks World LCS AFOL night, do check back on our facebook & website regularly for more updates because we are planning to host another AFOL Night in the near future (:

And if AFOL night is not your thing, keep your eye out for the other activities on the Bricks World LCS Store Calendar.

Bricks World Storemaster



  1. Mandalorian | 2. Death Star (75159) | 3. Ultimate Collector's Series | 4. Purple | 5. True | 6. True | 7. False