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Learn how to make a working LEGO Pinball Machine | LEGO Building Ideas

Pinball machines are part of everyone's childhood and stays with us even when we grow old. The thrill, the challenge, and the fun is something we all know and love!

If you love this arcade game but want to avoid the crowded arcade or simply want to enjoy it at the comfort of your home, try building one from the LEGO bricks you already own!

Watch this tutorial by the Youtube Channel, JD Brick Productions and get inspired by his cool idea!



This will be your finished product!

Here are the LEGO bricks and elements that you will need.

Don't worry if you are not able to source out all the LEGO bricks and elements exactly. You can try improvising instead!

LEGO® Classic and our LEG®O Pick A Brick wall in-stores are the easiest way to start collecting LEGO bricks and elements for DIY builds!

Start with your base. The blue bricks will be the higher stand for your pinball later so that you have that 'slant' that makes the pinball machine work!

Start building upwards. By the way, the build starts upside down so this part will be the top part of your pinball machine. The 'Headlight' bricks or those bricks with the holes will be for your obstacles later on.

Polish the edges so that your ball can smoothly glide along your pinball machine with flat tiles and slope.

Keep building upwards until you have reached your desired height then leave a gap on top for your pinball machine's gears.

Assemble your flippers. Note: axles and gears like this are most commonly found in LEGO® Technic Sets.

Assemble the back part of the flippers and don't forget to put the small rubber bands to make the flippers work.

Place the assembly on top of your build.

Secure the back and place the other end of the rubber band on the hook.

After building the sides, place the bricks for your flipper buttons and make it stick to the edge so that a part of it is hanging.

Secure the flipper buttons and leave an empty space in the middle for the ball to exit.

Place the smaller stand at the bottom of your machine to provide support.

Build a ball catcher.

Test the flipper buttons.

Add the obstacles and you're done!


Build and Rebuild! "Recyclable, re-useable, sustainable.  With LEGO bricks you can build a new toy every day."