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LEGO Camp Activities - Art

Do you have a budding artist in the house?  Looking for some different mediums to work in or genres to work with?  Or something new to inspire them.

At the most basic level, for the toddlers, large LEGO bricks are great for printing projects.  All you need is some poster paint or ink stamps, paper and different shaped bricks.  If your children are very young (under 6) just let them print as they want and chat with them about shapes and colours.  With slightly older kids you can give them art challenges to re-create different images via LEGO printing/stamping.


Credit: kidsactivitiesblog, frugalfunforboys

For primary aged children, start with simple projects like mosaic art and mandala's.  These are great because they allow for some freedom of creation, making mistakes and linking into existing interests to motivate them.


These simple projects then pave the way to inspire your child to create their own art pieces.  And they're not limited to mosaics, art can also be 3D.  Challenge them to recreate different objects using LEGO bricks as their medium.

Credits: artcuratorforkids, mamapapabubba, childhood101.com

For older children some of the interest comes from knowing something of the artist and their influences.  Start off by identifying artists who's work could be re-produced or imitated in some way via the medium of LEGO bricks.  Piet Mondrian and Picasso both have blocky styles that work well with LEGO bricks.


Credit: mamamiss, littlebinsforlittlehands, behance.net

Give your child some questions to direct their research, who were they, what inspired them, what do you like/dislike about their art style, why do you think they created art in this particular style, what does it add to their pieces?  Then get them to pick one piece to try and recreate.  Once they have got the hang of this, maybe challenge them to create their own piece of art in the style of their chosen artist.

Art is a great subject and motivator as it is not restricted to any one medium, it's down to individual interpretation and it teaches creative skills and may even turn into a new passion.