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Weekend Fun - Singapore BrickFest Virtual Exhibition

2020 was supposed to mark the first ever official LEGO Singapore BrickFest, an interactive event and exhibition for LEGO fans of all ages similar to those seen in other location in the region like South Korea.

For everyone's safety Singapore BrickFest has been postponed until 2021 so, for everyone who hasn't seen it, here's a flashback to the initial pre-show exhibition that was held at Tampines Hub before Circuit Breaker.

Enjoy the colourful display of LEGO My-Own-Creations from all over!

A large yet simple funland display was setup by local Recognized LEGO User Group - Titans Creation www.facebook.com/groups/TitansCreations/

The kids from Tampines were thrilled to see a LEGO funland display in full motion.

A LEGO Technics obstacle course was included and children challenged each other to get round it.

Exhibits from veteran Singapore builders were included in a closed showcase.  As these builders are very experienced these builds are more complicated My-Own-Creations from personal contributions.

“A Reflection of Prosperity”  Hong Zi

Mimicing a traditional Chinese calligraphy painting found in many homes the painting has a nice reflective “twist”, bringing you prosperity in many ways.

“The Last Watch” Fievel Foo

An 18th century inspired build, complete with soldiers decked out in regalia and ready to fire cannons.   Fievel's work has also been seen at exhibitions by SGCC and Bricks World LCS stores. Fievel Foo also takes the time to pass on his skills, mentoring a few Singapore builders.

“Taking a little inspiration from 18th century architecture, this piece features the grit and determination of soldiers standing guard with torches just before dawn. The hour before dawn was often when conflicts are started, to take advantage of tired troops that have been on watch all night and the advantage of darkness.”


Left Top and bottom: “Green and Tan” custom mechs,  Ivan Ho

Getting his inspiration from the shows Titanfall 2 and Front Mission respectively, Ivan is a veteran Singaporean LEGO enthusiast and contributor to the building scene.  Other works have been seen at SGCC and Bricks World LCS stores. 

Right: Cheeky “Monkey King” custom mechs,  Kai.

His custom Monkey King mechs allow the Series 19 Monkey King Minifigure to sit inside and control the larger mech build. Complete with awesome matching rods too! Kai is another quiet veteran in the Singapore LEGO community.

Elven hideout in the forest,  Arthur Cao.

Arthur is a heavyweight in the Singapore & Malaysia LEGO community and enjoys fantasy castle builds.  He has plenty of exhibitions under his belt and is no stranger to LEGO MOC fans. The imaginative story telling and creative building techniques in his builds are very strong.


Top: Custom “Ninja” dragon boat,  Hong Xi

Right: “Monkey King” dragon boat, Evan Chang. Well known for his chinese themed builds he also created a custom “Brickheadz” of Monkey King to accompany the dragonboat.

Bottom: Zodiac Brickheadz, Hong Xi. All 12 super cute Chinese zodiac animals, in Chinese new year regalia!  Which one are you?


RSAF warship on the seas and Saturday Night at the Drive thru, Swee Soon

The simplest micro-builds can showcase great talent as there is nowhere to hide any building mistakes!   They're also a great starting point for budding builders.


SBS Double Decker Buss, Jun Heng

Recognizable from a million miles away – the ubiquitous SBS Double Decker bus from the 90s! Who can forget that look! Complete with an 80’s style bus stop.  Its creator Jun Heng is also known as Brickfinder and is a Recognized LEGO Media on Facebook. http://www.brickfinder.net/

Chinese style building, Francis

Most official LEGO sets are designed after modern architecture and it’s very interesting and appealing to see rustic and traditional builds made from the same bricks. This Chinese building is a good example of what My-Own-Creations can achieve in terms of a greater variety of styles.


“Mecha Godzilla! Run for your lives!”  Chubbybots.

Chubbybots is literally worshipped by LEGO custom Mech builders across the globe. His unique style and creativity is endless. Fans across the world follow his facebook waiting for new builds to inspire them and push the envelope of mech building. It has even been rumored that Chubbybots, a Singaporean, was even invited to be on LEGO Masters USA. https://www.facebook.com/chubbybots


Great Ball Contraption, Alvin

A Great Ball Contraption is one of the most awesome custom builds you can do with LEGO. Most usually consist of LEGO Technics parts, with a dash of standard LEGO parts and a lot of LEGO motors to make a machine that send balls spinning and weaving around in an endless loop! 

Also featured were submissions from LEGO fans islandwide for the Our Tampines Hub: “Tampines – My Home” LEGO MOC contest. The Top ten contestants were displayed at the show!



Singapore Brickfest 2019 has been postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation for everyone’s safety, but they will be back in force next year for a huge exhibition! Stay tuned!