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MINIFIGURE(S) OF THE MONTH January 2020 | Super Heroes and Super Villains of the DC Comics Universe

Get to know Who's Who in the DC Comics Universe with this Month's Minifigure of the Month!

2020 is DC Comics 86th anniversary! Collect these iconic LEGO Minifigure super heroes in their classic vintage outfits from different eras!


These two heroes put the 'SUPER' in super hero as they fly to the scene!

Superman has finally caught up with the times wearing a stylish red belt instead of a brief, inspired by the 2016 DC Comics Rebirth Superman.  Turn his head to show his angry laser-eyed expression! But be careful not to laser The Daily Planet.

With him is Stargirl - a newcomer in the LEGO Minifigure collection! This sassy teenager, Courtney Whitmore, still has her metallic braces as shown on her alternate facial expression. Her golden Cosmic Staff,recreated with a brand NEW LEGO element, is the source of her powers.


Batman has his hands full with the pesky little Bat-Mite whose efforts to help only make things worst!

As this is Batman's 80th Year Anniversary, we're happy to see a LEGO Minifigure based on the very first Batman from 1939! Sporting a new LEGO cowl element with elongated ears, purple gloves, ear-less bat symbol on his chest and exclusive blue Batarang.

Another first is Bat-mite's appearance.  Staying true to the classic 1959 Bat-mite, he sports a blue cowl with a bent ear and disheveled Batman costume with a scribbled bat symbol stitched on his chest.  He seems to be chasing Batman for a signature on his Detective Comics series #27 where Batman first appeared! Nice touch!


Classic super heroes in red and yellow!

This duo's costumes are based on their original vintage selves! Wonder Woman is in her 1941 outfit with the huge eagle on her chest, starry skirt, and silver bracelets - never seen before. You can pose her as if she's ready to jump and entrap the enemy with her Lasso of Truth.

The retro version Flash wears his dish-liked shaped helmet with wings. What's new though is the trans-clear neck attachment for the lightning bolt to show his Speed Force!


The king of the sea senses something fishy only to discover that Cheetah is once again up to no good!

Arthur Curry's golden harpoon left hand makes him unique amongst minifigures! He's taking some field reports from a new  fish accessory that's keeping him updated with important matters as befits the King of the Sea.

Wonder Woman's nemesis Cheetah is up to no good once again robbing a bank and taking sacks of money! She's sporting classic dots from head to toe making her easy to spot!  Geddit! 


More Super Heroes have come to the rescue! It's time for these two to save the day.

Featuring Simon Baz as Green Lantern, his black and green outfit resembles the Green Lantern Corps uniform with a unique mask to conceal his identity. No green lantern is complete without a Power Battery and Power Ring. There are even enough spare pieces to build another Power Ring for your old Green Lantern minifigure!

Miracles do happen as you can now get your hands on the 1970s Mr. Miracle who has not just one, but two capes! He comes with a chain that you can wrap around his body and hold with each hand to symbolizes his astonishing escapology skills.



A couple of electric characters!

Based on the 1982 Cyborg, this LEGO minifigure has impressive looking headgear with iconic red eye for detecting infrared light.  This remains printed on the minifigure's head and can still be seen without the helmet. He is holding a purple chain, which is a brand new colour for this accessory, as seen in his appearance in the New Teen Titans #1 cover.

Bumblebee looks stunning with her unique double-knot hair piece and printed trans-clear wings. She is seen showing off her energy blasts which come in a brand-new trans-yellow colour.



The Huntress is out hunting for a joke!

Superhero legacy child, Helena Wayne makes her entrance. Daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Huntress will make her father proud with her own gadgets galore, she has a belt component is not printed but is an actual component to be worn and wields her crossbow ready for combat!

Being a clown, we all know Joker loves changing up his style. This time, he's seen in his 1986 The Dark Knight Return's outfit. Funkier than ever, he wears an elegant white jacket with matching trousers. He also has a huge cotton candy and his very own Joker card with each Joker holding a Batman card on it!



Two creative baddies are ready to cause big problems!

Saving the most unique til last,  Metamorpho's physique comprises of five sections! His left torso and arm are a scaly texture with a huge magenta fist, while the right torso is smoother.  His left leg is in a gaseous state thus the trans-clear mould and his right leg is oozing mud!

Glowing yellow eyes, purple skin, black and blue outfit - what could be more sinister than this Sinestro minifigure? Ready to battle with Green Lantern as he's wielding his Yellow Power Ring which can be attached to its Power Battery!

Collect your favourite DC Comics Super Hero and Super Villain with the LEGO® DC Comics Collectible Minifigure, complete your LEGO Super Hero sets with these characters or recreate epic scenes from your favourite comic book or show!

Launching on 1st January 2020 at LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) ION, Ngee Ann City, Plaza Singapura, Suntec City, VivoCity, JEM, and Resorts World Sentosa. www.bricksworld.com